12 Labours of Hercules VI — Race for Olympus (Collector's Edition)

12 Labours of Hercules VI — Race for Olympus (Collector's Edition)/download.html?channel=affiliates&identifier=afce7461facaGame Download

Panic ensues throughout the Olympe, once of Zeus kidnapping a break. Hercules and Megara embark on a mission to find their missing ruler. Join them for an adventure that stretches from the snowy peaks of active volcanoes. To find the bandit who has kidnapped Zeus and come back to in the realm of Olympus!

Unknown villain kidnapped Zeus, who had been ruling Olympus for centuries. The help of Hercules and to find the true leader.

Minimum system requirements. OS – Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
CPU – 2,5 GHz. RAM – 1 GB. DirectX – 9.0. Hard Drive – 800 MB.

12 Labours of Hercules VI: Race for Olympus Collector's Edition Features:

  • Safe & Easy Downloads.
  • Stunning full HD graphics
  • 5 points + 1 Bonus Superbonus level
  • Volcano, winter, tropical, and underwater levels
  • unique challenges for players skilled
  • not an ordinary plot based on an ancient religion
  • Help Hercules to find the true leader of the rule of Olympus.

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