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Download ClearIt 3Game Download

Clear It is back with more colorful marble shooting action! For instance, The goal is simple – clear the boxes in the center by shooting boxes from the edges of the board together with making color matches. As a result, Various color schemes, board layouts and clever level design make for some exciting challenges. Are you ready to test your puzzle solving skills?

Clear It is back with more marble shooting action! You won’t want to miss these new puzzles!

Recommended System Configuration: OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10. RAM: Min. 1024 MB DirectX: 9.0

ClearIt 3 Features:

– Safe & Easy Downloads.
– Clear It 2.
– 3 difficulty modes.
– 10 hours of gameplay.
– Exciting action gameplay and special affects.
– 205 colorful levels.
– New marble shooting challenges ahead!

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