(Download Game) Gnomes Garden Christmas Story

(Download Game) Gnomes Garden Christmas StoryGame Download

All the people of Gnomeland have been preparing for a double celebration – Christmas alongside the triumphant coronation of the princess plus preparations are underway day and night. As a result, However, the Gnomes didn’t know that a troll lived nearby and that the constant sawing and hammering disturbed his rest. Angered by all the noise, the troll and his henchmen have stolen the Gnomes' Christmas tree and the princess has vowed to return it. Join a wonderful cast of characters on an adventure through incredible locations to save the holiday. Complete a variety of quests and over 40 levels in this fun and festive strategy game.

An exciting Christmas adventure across fantastic time management levels! Help the princess save the holiday!

Recommended System Configuration: OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10. RAM: Min. 1024 MB DirectX: 9.0

Gnomes Garden Christmas Story Features:

– Safe & Easy Downloads.
– Over 20 hours of exciting gameplay for any age.
– Unique locations and useful bonuses.
– Over 40 unique time management levels.
– New quests for the princess to complete.
– Upbeat plot, colorful comics and fun characters.
– Save the holiday in this time management adventure!

Game Screenshots:


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