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Download Magic Cauldron ChaosGame Download

Lisa is an inventive witch, highly skilled in the art of crafting potions. Consequently, One day, however, one of her potions goes awry also opens a rift that drops her in another world. This strange world is made up of floating islands inhabited by peaceful gnomes and thieving imps. Only the gnomes know how to get Lisa back home to her own world. But first, she must help them defeat the imps who have been stealing all of their magic potion ingredients. By constructing resource buildings and matching potion ingredients, Lisa can clear the way across the five islands for the gnomes to gather the artifacts that will open the portal home.

Help the gnomes restore their magic potion franchise!

Recommended System Configuration: OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10. RAM: Min. 1024 MB DirectX: 9.0

Magic Cauldron Chaos Features:

– Safe & Easy Downloads.
– Purchase dozens of upgrades to create more valuable potions..
– Guide the gnomes to match ingredients to make potions..
– Construct various buildings to produce potion ingredients..
– Restore the gnome's potion franchise!

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