Download Sherlock Holmes — The Awakened

Download Sherlock Holmes — The AwakenedGame Download

Travel the world with play as the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his faithful assistant, Dr. Most importantly, Watson. Investigate a mysterious series of disappearances and use your wits to track down a dark group of Cthulu-worshippers. Follow the clues and solve the mystery of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, while being fully immersed in this Adventure game. Warning: Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened contains some graphic content and mentioning of the occult.

Travel the world with Sherlock Holmes and his faithful assistant Dr. Watson. Follow the clues and solve mysterious murders.

Recommended System Configuration: OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10. RAM: Min. 1024 MB DirectX: 9.0

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Features:

– Safe & Easy Downloads.
– Get help at our Forums.
– In-game Strategy Guide.
– A dark mystery awaits.
– Incredible Graphics.
– Interact with an entire world.
– Help Sherlock Holmes solve the case!

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