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(Game Free) Spellarium 2

(Game Free) Spellarium 2Game Download

The wizard Eric has been tasked by the Gods to create to 7. items, and he needs your help to do it. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light and Darkness are the six elements of our universe is based on, but the Gods have asked for a second. Complete fun varety of puzzles that you follow Eric on his journey to creating the 7. element.

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game free spellarium 2

In this highly anticipated sequel Spellarium, with the wizard to create a new item.

game free spellarium 2

Minimum system requirements. OS – Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
CPU – 2,5 GHz. RAM – 1 GB. DirectX – 9.0. Hard Drive – 800 MB.

game free spellarium 2

Spellarium 2 Features:

  • Safe & Easy Downloads.
  • 110 match-3 points
  • beautiful temple to be constructed
  • Relaxed, timed and limited game modes
  • Beautiful artwork, colorful tile, and a bonus
  • Play Spellarium!
  • With the wizard to create a new item.

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