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(Game Free) Steel LIFE

(Game Free) Steel LIFEGame Download

The fight against the deadly virus, mankind themselves mad trying to save. A group of scientists has discovered how to turn humans into mechanical robots, immune to the virus. However, there is scientific responsible of the research of inverse transformation has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, so that the hope of humanity is the renaissance behind. You receive a distress signal from a scientist who has disappeared a thousand years ago. Is this some kind of joke or is it actually need your help? The fate of humanity is in your hands! Dive in a world that has survived a terrible misfortune

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game free steel life

Can-you return of humanity to its original state?

game free steel life

Minimum system requirements. OS – Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
CPU – 2,5 GHz. RAM – 1 GB. DirectX – 9.0. Hard Drive – 800 MB.

game free steel life

Steel LIFE Features:

  • Safe & Easy Downloads.
  • Solve the mystery of mankind’s disappearance

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