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Maze — Nightmare Realm (Collector's Edition)

Maze — Nightmare Realm (Collector's Edition)Game Download

Your cousin, Timmy, don ‘ t wake up. He is not sick or injured,… It just is not or can not wake up. To find out what’s wrong and bring him back, you enter the spiritual world, where you are faced with a dark and twisted version of reality. You see, Timmy has a secret, one of which is keeping it stuck in this nightmare world. Take a deep breath and follow her into the dark recesses of his mind, to solve puzzles, and escape the terrifying creatures that lurk there.

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maze nightmare realm collectors edition

Trip in your uncle’s mind to save him from the nightmare!

maze nightmare realm collectors edition

Minimum system requirements. OS – Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
CPU – 2,5 GHz. RAM – 1 GB. DirectX – 9.0. Hard Drive – 800 MB.

maze nightmare realm collectors edition

Maze: Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition Features:

  • Safe & Easy Downloads.
  • Battles an old foe in the bonus game!
  • To test your skills in the ultimate HOP and puzzles!
  • Enjoy art and music.
  • Never get lost with the strategy guide.
  • Child’s play can be deadly…

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