(New Release) Garden Defense

(New Release) Garden DefenseGame Download

Peace and tranquility in a suburb of Lindencroft is under attack, and the Smith Family is in town, the only hope! Help the Smiths by deploying a wild arsenal of lawn ornaments, bug-fighting plants and other inventions, eccentric to stop the threat in the Smith, court, and beyond. Looking for new and more effective ways to protect your flowerbeds. You have the nerves to withstand an onslaught ferocious fruit flies, aggressive ants, and slimy, slugs? Then participated in the battle, and master Garden Defense!

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new release garden defense

Backyards across Lindencroft are under attack by pests! Help the Smiths repel and defeat the enemy one garden at a time!

new release garden defense

Minimum system requirements. OS – Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
CPU – 2,5 GHz. RAM – 1 GB. DirectX – 9.0. Hard Drive – 800 MB.

new release garden defense

Garden Defense Features:

  • Safe & Easy Downloads.
  • Many challenging battles
  • Exciting family fun
  • Wacky arsenal of defenses!
  • To defeat the enemy, one garden at a time!

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